Nicole Liew Is A Face To Watch. She Hopes For Our World To Become Kinder.


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Photographs by Franz Navarrete
Words by Pratyusha Borgaonkar

Published on February 25, 2021

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The young model who has graced the pages of Harper’s Bazaar, Female and Elle Singapore rises up the ranks. Her efforts are steady and progressive to become a global face. Here in a short chat, she shares her thoughts on life.

Nicole Liew is a face to watch. She hopes for our world to become kinder.

Liew’s break came when she attended a casting by Basic Models upon her friend’s recommendation. For the then young adult, modelling was a fresh venture. With her career progressing, Liew explains the significance of building a character base for oneself in the industry, “I feel many people think it’s easy to achieve everything overnight, but if there’s one thing I’ve learnt, it is to be patient and respectful.” 

“I have worked for bigger brands in Milan and London where there are multiple things to focus on in the sets, so it’s very fast-paced compared to Singapore. Also one of the things that I have learnt overseas is that rejections are normal, and accepting that is very important.” She further describes the modelling scene in Singapore, “Clients take good care of models in Singapore, so I feel sheltered. It’s really amazing to work with local brands, and I feel blessed to receive immense support from both the fashion scene as well as my friends on social media.” 

Nicole Liew
Nicole Liew

The modelling industry has recently been promoting inclusion and diversity of race, body type, colour and gender; however Liew opens up that maintaining a specific body shape is part and parcel of her job’s nature. Nevertheless, she believes that the issue has been touched on a lot. “Many people have expressed their views on the restrictions. However, due to public awareness, it is opening up to models of various colour, sizes, and gender, so I think the industry has grown quite a bit on its understanding of inclusivity.”

“Due to modelling, my interest in fashion has grown,” reflects Liew. Observing make up artists, stylists, and other creatives has inspired her to pursue a behind-the-scene profession in the future. For now, all these experiences are encouraging Liew to achieve her greater ambition – “to be known on an international level and walk for big brands.” 

And we are rooting for Liew! 

Asked to contemplate a series of incomplete sentences, Liew shares some thoughts on her life and beliefs.

If there is one thing that I am most proud of my young self, it would be that I am happy with what I am doing.

The most beautiful memory from my childhood is being taken care of by my grandmother and spending time with her.

When I want to be alone and reflect about myself I take time off and lay in bed with good music.

I believe youth is freedom.

If traveling isn’t restricted now, I would go to Bali.

With the sudden change in our lives since the pandemic I have learned to live more in the moment 

I live by the ideals that whatever you focus on will begin to grow.

Singapore is home.

I hope our world becomes kinder.

Nicole Liew is a face to watch. She hopes for our world to become kinder.

Clothes and Hats by : Sabrina Goh
Hair and Make-up by : Zoel Tee

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