Heritage Issue

The Oxford Dictionary defines LINEAL as 1. in a direct line of descent or ancestry, and 2. relating to or consisting of lines. It is thus a befitting title to capture the core of this magazine: design and photography talents, and faces from Southeast Asia.

For the launch of LINEAL, we gathered seven stories embodying the theme — Heritage. It includes a dialogue with Haryo Balitar, founder of a modelling agency in Indonesia. Our cover face is Laras Sekar, represented by Haryo Balitar, who has been gaining recognition in the global fashion industry with runway feats for Saint Laurent in Paris, and Moschino in Los Angeles. The shoot was exclusively produced for LINEAL.

Scroll down to read inspiring narratives, in alphabetical order by country of origin, authored by talented writers from the region and beyond. Finally, in the footer you’ll find links to our social media accounts. Do follow us for more creative features.

Enjoy reading!

Onin Lorente
Founder and Editor-In-Chief

Editor : Girard Bonotan

Fashion Editor : Patrick Lief

Cover Story
Photographer : Narya Abhimata
Writer : Allysha Nila
Stylist : Claresta Pitojo
Hair : Leonardus Y. and Yustina Rizky
Makeup : Talia Subandrio and Aditya Wardana

Kai Atinan Nitisunthonkul
Jacques Pantazes
Jaime Gill
Phuong Huyen
Sheena Angelique Zante

Photography Research : George Shelley, Mavic Castro and Harold Sarabia
Fashion Research : Caryll Cabuhat, Pratyusha Borgaonkar and Sophea Janardhan

Haryo Balitar Discovers Locals And Advocates Inclusion

Meet the man who has paved the way for young, unique beauty with just nine girls signed under his modelling agency. Haryo Balitar is a visionary; passionate in finding the right faces for the next generation in fashion. He shares with LINEAL his observations and hopes for the future.


A New Talent Takes Root

Ranuth Yun looks back at his artistic journey to becoming an image-maker who is perplexing audiences with his arresting portraits. 


Jonathan Liang Is Bittersweet In His Spring/Summer 2021 Collection

Inspired by nostalgia, the Malaysia and Paris-based designer brings forth his Spring/Summer 2021 collection. In our recent conversation, he takes us back to the past and gives us a peek into the future.


Clear Whisper: Seph Bagasáo Follows His Intuitions

The designer opens up about his cerebral creative process, ignoring fashion norms to produce emotive yet pragmatic clothing.


The Night We Never Met

After a decade, AikBeng Chia returns to Club Hawaii, one of oldest remaining nightclubs on the island. In his own words, he narrates the experience.

THAILAND | fashion

“The Foundation Of Good Design Is The Raw Material.”

Wish Wisharawish’s fascination with the masterful work of craftspeople results in his latest collection ‘Make it Rain’.


In Dzung Yoko’s Art Book, The Past And Present Co-exist.

We take a lens to the photographer’s thoughts to understand how he reconciles the seeming contradictions between tradition and modernity inherent in his images.