Escape Issue

We feature eight stories in our sophomore issue. Fronting it is a self-portrait by artist, muse and model, Anh Duong. Her gaze is distant and delicate.

In a time when we are bound physically and even emotionally, when uncertainty and chaos prevail, creativity offers an escape.

Onin Lorente
Founder and Editor-in-Chief

Editors :
Girard Bonotan
Jaime Gill

Fashion Editor :
Patrick Lief

Cover Story
Art by : Anh Duong
Writer : Ginger Rose Clark

Ginny Palma
Ilia-Sybil Sdralli
Niles Jordan Breis
Ria de Borja
Usha Sophea Janardhan

Research Associates :
George Shelley
Harold Sarabia
Mavic Castro
Pratyusha Borgaonkar


Anh Duong On Art, Modelling And Being Part Of Change

Anh Duong talks to us about her rich and multifaceted career, her passion for self-expression, and her thoughts on the role the fashion industry still has to play in encouraging greater inclusivity.


Blurring The Line Between Art And Activism

LINEAL speaks to Pheng Sreysor, who has emerged from Cambodia’s environmental activist movement to become a rising talent in the art world.


Faith And Dreams Of Better Days

Toton Januar gives us a glimpse into his interpretations of Indonesia’s rich and vibrant culture, spiritual beliefs and beyond in the recent TOTON Spring Summer 2021 collection.


Drawn Towards The Invisible: The Art Of Htet T San

The New York-based Burmese photographer discusses the inspirations behind her surreal


Azura Lovisa Is A London-Based Slow Fashion Luxury Brand Rooted In Heritage And Storytelling

With a Malaysian-Swedish heritage, the designer has a resolute reverence for multiculturalism.

philippines | fashion

(Un)waste As A Sustainable Form

As the call for sustainable fashion gains traction, brands such as müü.haa have taken creative steps to realise a seemingly abstract idea to reality through a collection that is mature in approach but youthful in expression.


To Somewhere Only She Knows

Franz Navarrete and Isabella Chan create an ethereal and dreamy fashion editorial, exclusive for LINEAL’s Escape issue.


Mr. Pearl Brings Visibility To Transgender Men

June Watsamon photographs Mukk Kanattsanan, emphasising the extraordinary in ordinary LGBTQ lives.