Gelap Ruang Jiwa: Contemporary Jewellery Perceived Through Emotions


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Photographs by Gelap Ruang Jiwa
Words by Caryll Cabuhat

Published on March 4, 2021

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Drawing from the depths of her feelings about life, Runa takes us to an exploration of the inspiration for her exquisite jewellery line.

In a creative process, discernment and self-awareness can catalyse the expression of one’s emotions in the moment. The resulting product is an artefact of time. With contemporary jewellery used as a medium to showcase captured emotions, Runa creates Gelap Ruang Jiwa. 

“Enjoying the moment is the key, enjoying all the flow of the creative process. From this process, things that we never knew before can be born and grow,” says Runa about her pursuits as an artist and creative director of her brand. Gelap Ruang Jiwa embodies the desire to explore and capture every moment, process and emotion. “Consciousness and feelings are abstract forms,” she adds. Runa describes romantically the concept behind her products on her website using poetry and well-curated images. The totality of her brand speaks the same language as embodied by the seemingly spontaneous and ethereal touches in her pieces.

“As I touch every surface and perceives each environment; practically as effortless as breathing. Every interaction improves my instinct, every creation becomes an extensive version of myself.”

While Runa’s leitmotif alludes to Indonesian women in the past wearing traditional jewellery, her pieces are still anchored on contemporary design with hints of the rich and diverse heritage of the archipelago. And in order to obtain the design for her jewellery and create detailed textures, modern and traditional craftmanship are combined. The alchemy of the past and present are evoked by the soft curves of her jewellery. 

As part of her creative process, Runa continues to hone her method of self-introspection and conveys those emotions through her designs. “My work embodies my desire to explore, resulting in an unexpected visual outcome.” While this signature method was born out of consistent practice, the form can be inspired or derived from anything. It can be the shape of a withered leaf or of rocks that are eventually expressed into bronze jewellery.

Runa’s empathy towards her clients truly reflects her practice that is very much in touch with her emotions. The pandemic awakened her yearning to take a break and enjoy life especially following a period of rapid company growth. “Like a withering plant, my creativity will one day inevitably grow new shoots,” says Runa, reinforcing her belief that the momentary lull can propel the next chapter of her brand. After a recent collaboration titled ‘Wither’ with actress Aghniny Haque and future collaborations in the pipeline, she has many reasons to be optimistic about the future of Gelap Ruang Jiwa.

Amidst the pandemic, Runa regards the direction of her brand as an opportunity to enjoy the process rather than falling into the demands of fast growth. Recently, she learned to enjoy spontaneous moments. Such perspective eased her into accepting that everything happens for a reason.

“When everything has to stop, delay, or slow down, do not be afraid. And just enjoy. Like breathing.”

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